Color Tips for your Space

Believe it or not but colour has a big influence on how we live our daily lives. So it is important to choose the right color for the space you spend most of your time in. Color can be used to create various moods it can make you calm, happy, cool or compassionate.


Provide a very versatile background for various colours. Painting your entire space neutral along with neutral furniture is not recommended. This colour should be used sparingly so as not to make your space look bland.


A cool, calming color usually associated with cleanliness & positivity. There are various shades of blue from cobalt to turquoise. Complimentary colors: white & various shades of blue.


Opens the appetite, it symbolizes stimulations & sensuality. Be cautious when painting your space red, be sure to choose complimentary furniture. Recommended colors: black to tone done the brightness, if you want to add punch to an already red wall add orange and gold accents.


A therapeutic color. Green is associated with nature & healing. This color is ideal for living rooms, bathrooms or any space where you want to De-stress. Recommended complimenting colors: browns, whites

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