2011- Make "Keeping your House in Order" Your New Year's Resoultion

The New Year is fast approaching....

So, you want to start a new & positive approach to life. You've already made a resolution to keep fit & healthy,quit smoking and be kinder to others, in the process of becoming a good person inside and out, keep in mind that you can also be influenced by the enironment you surround yourself.

Here are a few things you can do to your place of work or where you live that can assist in having a positive approach to your new life!

•Throw away the little “nic-nacks” you’ve accumulated over the year. If you haven’t used them throughout the year, chances are you don’t need them.

•If you live in a seasonal country, store away the items you are not using for that season.

•Discard the junk cluttering your office drawers! (No, you don’t need 7 packets of ketchup and 10 packets of sugar.)

•Keep your space smelling fresh by either adding scented candles or reed diffusers.

•Purchase new bed sheets - Throw out the old tattered sheet and indulge in good quality bed sheet sets.

•Let the sunshine in! – Constantly surrounded by darkness is not always healthy, open up the blinds at work or buy lighter curtains for your home! - Sunlight gives you a good source of Vitamin D, it lightens depression and aides in improved digestion!

•Keep plants or fresh flowers in your space all year round. - It’s a fresh way to brighten your day and create clean air for your home or office!

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