Art Report: Ana Carballosa

Now this is my kind of art! Random brushstrokes,splashes of paint on a clean canvass I Love! When you allow your brush to lead and the colors bleed into each other, when you sit back and see what you've created, that's the best view in the world. Ana's work is the kind you will see in celebrity homes like Jennifer Lopez. She uses a very sophisticated color palette that brings on a very modern vibe.In 2000, actress-painter Ana Carballosa transformed her world of primarily organic forms, often alluding to the human body, into a total fusion of painter and live-performer with her medium. Using a primed white canvas as both stage and backdrop, Carballosa has mastered the challenge of navigating seamlessly between two worlds-one where she performs as an actress and the other as a visual artist. The artist's new body of work is a lyrical exploration of this fusion, evoking the depth of Japanese calligraphy and the bold abstract expressionist gesture of action painting. However, while her new visual art is perfomative in nature, her conviction of being in the moment transcends mere narration and becomes and explosive act of color, line and performance. Subconscious rather than cerebral movements, these canvases are Carballosa herself as she is ravished by the act of painting. As live expressions, these paintings are raw process, without emphasis on a final product. Process as both vehicle and journey, embodied in a fluid gesture as an immediate response to the moment. Source To see more of Ana's work visit her site: www.anacarballosa.com

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