Designer Spotlight: Mario Buatta

Mario knows extravagance and is definitely not subtle when it comes to designing a space. Mario is known for designing celebrity homes such as Mariah Carey & Barbara Walters to name a few..Take a peak at some of his splendidly dramatic designs!

A multi-talented and internationally renowned designer, Mr. Buatta has created his own unmistakable style which he calls, "The Undecorated Look." His general approach is to provide a maximum of comfort by using an expertly balanced mixture of contemporary and antique furnishings. These furnishings are placed against backgrounds which reflect his subtle color mix. The result is that the eye is more aware of the overall glow of tint, rather than individual colors. The same is to be said for his use of chintzes with textures, patterns and stripes. His unerring sense of detail, as well as the selection and quality of his furnishings is apparent in every room." for more on Mario visit & his work interiordesign.net

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