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Hi there!

It's a gray morning here in Durham, ON and I'm still in bed snuggling with my 9 month old, it's a PA day today which means the 3 yr old is home and mentally I am saying get up and make waffles for breakfast and a green smoothie but my body has plans to stay in bed all day!  Ha! Wish I could do that but alas I'll get to those waffles!  

So lately with the 9 month on the move, I haven't had much time to paint, and hopefully I'll be able to soon, I'malso currently  trying to get my devotional blog running on a daily basis and thinking about the fact that my time at home with the kids will soon be up and then back to the 9-5.  

I've spent a lot more time at home since fall started and have been able to hang a few art around the home which always brings motivation and smiles. 

I'm also currently dreaming up a new color palette for my winter batch..

Ok my time is up 3 year old is here!  Have an awesome day!

P.S.  These watercolors are still up for sale.

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