Decorating your space with taste

Are you an overzealous decorator? If so, read this!

Everything should have it's own place but not everything should have a place in your space. Too many items in one space barely gives you room to breath, especially when you have limited space. Here are a few tips to keep you on the decorating track.

- Dont over decorate!  There's a line between being eclectic and just scary accessory overload.  If you have many beautiful house accesories, don't use them all in one space! Place them throughout your home or store them until your ready to re-decorate for the next season.

- Don't use large pieces of furniture in a small space. Using large furniture pieces makes the space feel over crowded & cumbersome, it screams "I'm desperate to fit in!"  If you must use large furniture, opt for 1 piece and strategicaly place mirrors, glass or translucent furniture that give off the illusion of a larger space.

- Imitaion Overload. Try not to use those unsightly fake plants and flowers that collect dust and cause allergies. Opt for real plants and flowers in your space. If you insist on using imitation, then go for tasteful & use sparingly. If you like real but don't want to spend copious amounts of money on them, then try dyed sticks and bamboo, pussy willows, cactus plants & feathers.

Don't forget that to decorate tastefully doesn't take much effort. Choose your items wisely & don't over do it.

Picture Sources: designage.wordpress.com & besthomegallery.com.

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