One Room Challenge: Week 1- Project Little Blue Room

Good evening to you all! I'm super duper excited to be a participant in the One Room Challenge, I literally can't sit still!
Here's how it works - Various designers/decorators or design bloggers have 6 weeks to transform a room that's either a clients or their own. Every week we will show our progress until the job is complete on the 6th week.

This is a small guest room in my home that has been sorely neglected and I think It's time we switch things up This is going to be a very low budget DIY transformation, I'm a bit nervous and hope I can pull it off.

Here's the plan:

  • Two pendant lights (faux lights) will hang from the ceiling on either side of the bed. 
  •  In lieu of a headboard I'm going to make a mini gallery wall out of my art and place them in gold  frames. 
  • On the wall opposite the bed (not shown) I plan to add a console or a small dresser and hang some more art or a mirror. 
  • I'm still trying to envision drapery and bedding

I plan on sticking to this plan but you never know, I might be totally inspired to do something else...I'm a newbie participant so wish me all the best!


Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I love the art on the wall in your plan. Good luck with this and thanks for joining in.

The Indigo & Co. Inc. said...

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity!!!


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