Organizing in your kitchen

Finding the right ingredients in your cupboard to make that red velvet cake may be a challenge. You may even go out to the store because you think you ran out of baking powder, all along the baking powder was sitting in a plastic baggie behind the tomato sauce.. Wasted money don't cha think?Perhaps this is the time you should get organized. Head on over to your fav kitchen store (or even dollar store!) and purchase various sizes of storage jars and canisters, and I don't mean buying just one or two. Purchase enough jars to fill most of the shelves in your cupboard or pantry. Label the jars (most jars come with labels if not, buy labels at a stationary or dollar store) empty all those plastic baggies full of spice into their respective jars. For the larger products like flour or pasta that can't fit in the cupboard buy really nice jars varying in size and place on the countertop don't over do it though, 3-5 jars should be sufficient for your countertop. Keeping your kitchen cupboards organized is one sure way of making your life easier so get started today!

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