Color Inspiration: Fuchsia

Wiki: Fuchsia (pronunciation: /ˈfjuːʃə/, FEW-shə) is a vivid reddish or pinkish purple color named after the flower of the fuchsia plant, itself named after the German scientist Leonhart Fuchs. Some people might think Fuchsia is a synonym for magenta although it is an entirely different color than magenta in some color palettes. Magenta in many color palettes has far more brown in it than fuchsia. Fuchsia is often portrayed as a more reddish color whereas magenta is more purple.
There is also a somewhat redder and slightly less saturated hue termed fashion fuchsia (see below) that is used in women's fashion (it is also called Hollywood cerise).
The first recorded use of fuchsia as a color name in English was in 1892.[1]


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