Best Design Inspirations of 2014

Good day to all and a Happy New Year when it comes!
Yesterday I posted on Instagram, a snipit of my fav Interior Design Inspirations of 2014.  Here are a few more design delights...Enjoy!

I only recently started following Blue Carreon on Instagram and I am shocked that I didn't find this site sooner...So many goodies and design eye candy.
The use of florals in design is an absolute must!
Always and forever in love with L'objet's homeware, I can say that I proudly own a fabulous frame from L'objet and I can tell you the quality is tres bon!
Cobalt is never going to go out of style, use it often!

Black Trim windows & Marble countertops
Forever and will always be a fan of black trim windows especially in a naturally lit kitchen, throw in the marble countertops and it's a kitchen dream come true!

Have a very Happy New Year!!

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