Lovely Lace

Since seeing Kate Middleton's Wedding dress yesterday at the Royal Wedding, it got me thinking about lace being incorporated in interior design so, I did a bit of research and realized there's a lot of designs that can be done with lace and lace patterns that look amazing...Take a look.


Art Report: DIY Map Wall Art

I"m dubbing this week DIY week. We've already covered DIY Chandeliers and Dinner Chairs and now for some Inexpensive Map Wall Art! Elle Decor has some amazing photos of maps used to decorate the wall. To get the look of some of these, you can purchase maps at a vintage store or any office supply store, create that weathered old world look by staining your maps with coffee, then just frame and hang!


Fashion & Decor Meet

To get your desired decor look why not start by taking a look in your closet? Here are few images to get you inspired.

Pink Perfection and Floral love!

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Glam DIY Ideas for the home

A glamorous space doesn't always have to come with an expensive price tag! It's important to invest in quality furniture that will last. But if your budget won't allow for anything more than the furniture, you can still make your space look like a million bucks by adding DIY accessories to it. If you have the time, here are a few projects that will guarantee a glam looking space.

DIY Louis Chair
Time to do some bargain hunting, whether it be an auction or a thrift store if you search real hard I'm certain you'll find a louis chair just make sure it has good bones! Heres how you can totally revamp this old Louis into something spectacular! See exactly how Typhanie from Shoebox Decor did this amazing Louis DIY Revamp.DIY Chandeliers
Get ready for some arts and crafts! Drop by your local arts and crafts store and pick up a few supplies....

A bit of metal wire wreath and some key ring chains make this chandelier shine! Find out how to DIY.


Inspiration of the day: Chandeliers

When I think of chandeliers, words like, spectacular, magnificent, opulent & glam instantly come to mind...Today's inspiration of the day is all about chandeliers incorporated in interior & architectural design ..Enjoy!


Headboard Love

Your headboard doesn't have to be boring and predictable check out these amazing headboards!

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Delicious Decorating & Holiday Dinning

So we here have an easter holiday coming up and I'm certain many of you are scrambling to buy groceries,wine and trying to figure out which dinnerware to set out for that special easter dinner. Here are a few ideas & inspirational photos to get you started.



Art Report: Guruve- African Sculptures

Always the one to scope out new art, I found these amazing african sculptures from the Shona sculpture art movement of Zimbabwe's site. if you have a few hundreds or even thousands to spare, then invest in one of these beautiful pieces. Guruve has gathered together the best sculpture by the best artists in Zimbabwe to create the world's finest collection of contemporary Zimbabwean art. www.guruve.com


Bathrooms Designs

Elle Decor Magazine has some amazing photos of gorgeous bathroom designs. I'll share these with you..Gorgeous! check out the double sink the lux pendant lighting...dream!Black marble & turquoise love!Amazing golden mosaic tile! Antique meets Modern!


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