Color, We Await You

All this white snow out here in Toronto has me longing to see just a sprinkle of color outside!  Since spring is loitering in the background awaiting winter to depart, I'll settle for pretty pictures of outdoor gardens, beautiful pool houses & luscious greenery flanking amazing architecture!




Color Inspiration: Orange

or·ange [awr-inj, or-]
noun a color between yellow and red in the spectrum, an effect of light with a wavelength between 590 and 610 nm; reddish yellow.


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Designer Spotlight: Ralph Lauren Home

I always find myself drawn to any of Ralph Lauren Home products. The quality is impeccable and  can be used in any home design, whether it be eclectic, classic or contemporary.  The range of products is endless!  Even if it's a set of crystal tumblers, make Ralph Laurens line be a part of your decor choice you won't be disappointed!



Food & Drink Fridays: Malachite, Bisque & Cranberries

Tony Duquettes Quirky yet "OH SO LOVELY" Malachite tablescape is "all that" and more!  Serve up a delicious Roasted Red Pepper & Gouda Bisque with a serving of Salmon smothered in Soy Sauce & Brown sugar marinade... heaven in your mouth!  Wash it all down with a delicious white wine & cranberry apple juice filled with plums!  Just Delicious!


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Dinning Room Wall Hangings

Nothing completes a dining room design project like some wonderful wall hanging.  Whether it's a painting, photography, vintage photos, maps or even scarves, you can create some magnificent work! Use your creativity and create a collection of things you like or just one fav piece and put them on your dinning room wall!


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GIVEAWAY: Set of 4 TI&C Napkin Rings

So as promised, we are doing another fantastic giveaway! A set of 4 TI&C* custom gold hammered, coral glass napkin rings (valued at $50) could be yours!

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Color Inspiration: Ochre

Wiki- Ochre (pron.: /ˈkər/ OH-kər; from Greek: ὠχρός, ōkhrós, pale, also spelled ocher) is the term for both a golden-yellow or light yellow brown color and for a form of earth pigment which produces the color. The pigment can also be used to create a reddish tint known as "red ochre". The more rarely used terms "purple ochre" and "brown ochre" also exist for variant hues. Because of these other hues, the color ochre is sometimes referred to as "yellow ochre" or "gold ochre".



Food & Drink Fridays: Paints, Pancakes & Paloma Cocktail

What a way to have the perfect brunch right? If your the artsy type then this tablescape is perfect! With creative art pieces gracing the gorgeous aztec runner, topped off with colorful florals, it's the perfect palette to serve up Potato pancakes with smoked salmon, dill and creme fraiche. A delicious grapefruit & lime Paloma cocktail to mingle with this perfection of a meal..Simply delightful! Tablescape|Potato Pancakes|Paloma Cocktail


Tablescape for two

For all those celebrating Valentines Day!  Wouldn't it be lovely to come home to an amazing table set for two? Here are a few great ideas...

Happy Valentines Day!



Black Trimmed Windows & Doors

This sophisticated, classic style will always be a fav. The elegance of black trimmed doors or windows is timeless, it completely changes a room from boring to exclusive I'm sure you'll agree.


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